Attention Female Traveler!

Do you feel out of sorts after a long flight? Does it take you days to recover?
Are you tired of the jet lag, exhaustion, bloating and insomnia?

Then read on...

If traveling disrupt your routine and leave you feeling like you've been run over by a bus, groggy, bloated and dehydrated you are in the right place!

If you wish you could enjoy traveling without suffering from jet lag,  I have great news for you: it's possible, fast, easy and very affordable with a program which is all natural: no drugs, no hormones, no chemicals, and...really works!

I can show you how to prevent Jet Lag in a way that is SO EASY, EXQUISITE and GOOD FOR YOU that you will wish you had found it years ago!

If you want to…

- Reclaim your post-traveling days so you're not "down for the count" after a trip

- Be more productive after you fly, without having to drink several cups of coffee just to be able to "function"

- Counteract the negative effects of Jet Lag naturally without drugs or chemicals

- FEEL GREAT when you step out of that plane all the way until it's time for you to go to bed at your destination (adjusting perfectly to your new time zone)

This simple and easy-to-read guide will show you what to do during, before and after a trip in order to prevent or relieve jet lag symptoms.

- Easily Fall asleep (and stay asleep on the plane) so you arrive as if you had not been traveling for countless hours. Everybody will be wondering "how does she do it?"

- Look & Feel radiant, vibrant and energized when you arrive at your destination so can you look FABULOUS for your greeting party.

- Have fewer aches and pains to distract you during your meeting, conference or vacation

- Sleep a full night's sleep in your new time zone the day you arrive, so you adapt to your new time literally overnight and not waste a minute of your trip

- Wake-up feeling rested, refreshed and recharged the next morning so you can hit the ground running (no more lost productivity or wasted "foggy days")

- Boost your immune system while deeply hydrating your skin and prevent aging (yes, this exquisite and easy to do practice is also an ancient Ayurvedic anti-aging secret and immune system booster and can do all that!)

- Prevent catching colds on the plane (hint: it's not something you drink or eat)

- This natural supplement will help you prevent most Jet Lag Symptoms — don't leave home without it!

- Discover which foods aggravate Jet Lag and which foods prevent it! (I'll give you a detailed list and some easy-to-do recipes)

- Keep your bowels moving regularly (I know, not sexy to talk about, but even less sexy to be bloated and constipated!)

- No more puffy eyes — people won't believe you just traveled internationally!

- Prevent heavy and swollen feet, ankles and legs while being stuck on a plane for hours.

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Hello, my name is Nathalie Chapron. I am a 6 figure business owner, a mom, a wife and, just like you, I understand what it's like to be super busy and have no time to waste suffering from jet lag.

Yet, until a few years ago, I USED TO SUFFER TERRIBLE JET LAG. Every time I went back to France to visit my family it would get worse.

In fact, I developed this program because of what happened on a particular trip 4 years ago.

I had gone home to France for Christmas (I now live in California). It had been a couple of years since I had seen my mom and I had missed her terribly (we have a very close mother-daughter relationship).

So I saw her the night I arrived in my home town and the next morning she went to work. She left the house around 8 am and came back around 12:30pm to have lunch with me. But the problem was that I was still asleep when she came home. So she tippy-toed around the house to avoid waking me up and went back to work. At 5pm she came home for the evening and by that point, I was finally up so we visited for about 3 hours and then she went to sleep while I proceeded to stay up all night...again (since I was still on California time). This nightmare of sleeping all day and staying up all night lasted 7 days (half of my vacation time wasted)! It was insane!!!

I felt angry that I couldn't adjust my biological clock more easily. I felt powerless and it made me extremely unhappy.

I DECIDED I HAD HAD ENOUGH! I had reached my limit of flying half-way across the world to be wasting half of my trip in a comatose daze, barely seeing my mom, when all I wanted was to spend some great quality time with her.

Can you relate?

And what's worse, is that I suddenly realized that every year that passes my jet lag seemed to get worse.

It had finally become unbearable enough, that I had to do something about it.

I promised myself: "never again!"

You know that feeling, when you promise something to yourself but have no idea how you will do it? That's what happened to me. I had no clue how I would do it, because if I had had a cure for jet lag, I would have been using it already!

But that didn't matter. I knew I would figure it out because I had been helping hundreds of clients experience relief from many different ailments (vertigo, weight loss, lung problem, sciatica problems, skin conditions, digestive issues, female issues, etc...) using Ayurveda (the traditional medicine of India) for many years.

And I found answers hidden in this vast and beautiful science of Life and Longevity like gemstones in the dark crust of the Earth!

I didn't know this was possible...

I started researching, experimenting with and implementing my new Jet Lag Program and on my next trip was delighted to experience a new reality. A new reality you will experience soon as well. A reality I didn't know was possible: traveling without Jet Lag!

I remember vividly landing in Paris on that crisp December morning and stepping out of the airplane and feeling bothered by the piercing cold and the nasty smell of cigarette smoke everywhere, but one thing was different: I could not see, feel, taste or otherwise experience any signs of Jet Lag.

I felt as though I had not flown at all. I felt perky, refreshed, energized and I could feel I was radiant.

And when the hot young French "officier de douane" (border officer) started to flirt with me as he was looking at my passport, telling me I looked beautiful and asking me how long would I be in Paris for? I knew something had changed for the better! 😉

I then repeated the process many times, each time with the same success. Then my friends started asking me: "hey, how do you do it?" So I started teaching them and they are all raving about it.


But I didn't want it to stop there, I wanted everyone, I wanted YOU to benefit from that discovery. I could see in my mind's eye that one day, this discovery would land in your hands and would change your life just as it did mine (in more ways than one!). And this day is today!

I am thrilled for today and for what it means for the rest of your life. And not just your life, but your whole family's life. Because I know that it will impact them positively as well: imagine going on family vacation where no-one has jet lag...sounds pretty good, right?

That's why I created the “Jet Lag Freedom Program”, so you can benefit from Jet Lag Free travel as well!

In the Jet Lag Freedom Program you will get:

My proven step-by-step formula to prevent Jet Lag (and have Young Hot French border officers hit on you... I'm kidding...I can't promise that Hot Young French border officers will be hitting on you, but what I can promise is that you will look radiant arriving at your destination and that the chances of you getting hit on are a lot higher!!!} Now, I realize that getting hit on might not be the primary goal of your trip, but it wouldn't hurt, now, would it?

So in the Jet Lag Freedom Program, I will show you exactly what to do before, during and after you land. I'll teach you exactly which foods to have and which foods to avoid before, during and after your trip.

I'll teach you my anti-aging secret which takes years off your face and make you look radiant by the time you land (you are going to love this one!)

I'll give you a shopping list with exactly what you need to get before your trip.

I'll also give you a packing list so you don't forget anything

I'll show you my secret breathing technique to help you feel super relaxed and fall asleep in no time

And so much more....

Everything I share with you in this program is not the "same old" information you find on google under Jet Lag. These are real ancient and effective secrets of holistic wisdom never before revealed in this context!

These are tried and true tested, all natural, easy to do and easy to get suggestions to help you get rid of Jet Lag once and for all, like I did and like all my customers did too!

In addition, the ebook comes with 8 short and info-packed how-to videos and a membership site so it's all in one convenient place for you.

In this Program You Will Discover...

  • An ebook in PDF Format

    A 46 page Beautifully Designed Digital Training Manual in PDF format for instant download access with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions so you will know exactly what to do
    1. Before you leave for your trip
    2. During your flight and after you arrive at your destination.


  • 8 short and easy to follow How-To Videos

    9 short how-to short videos with step-by-step tutorials so you can see exactly how to do some of the Jet Lag Freedom practices I recommend, with no guesswork!


  • A Shopping list

    A shopping checklist so you know exactly what to buy before a trip plus direct links to my recommended items to save you time and money (you won't be throwing money away by buying things that don't work!) But most of the items are recommend are probably in your kitchen already!

  • A Membership Site

    Where the ebook, the 9 videos, your bonuses and the recommended resources live so you have everything all one in place and can access it from anywhere in the world.


  • 2 Packing Lists (1 for your carry-on, 1 for your checked luggage)

    2 packing lists — so it's easy for you to remember what to pack in your suitcase as well as in your carry-on and make sure you have what you need in order to prevent jet lag during your next trip.

  • Best foods to prevent jet lag

    A list of what foods to eat (as well as what foods to avoid) before, during and after your trip.

    Several simple, healthy recipes that will help you be Jet Lag Free and and some tips on how to prevent bloating and constipation to keep you regular when traveling.

  • Direct links to my recommended products

    Direct links to supplies you will need in order to prevent jet lag. So you can order online to save you time and money.

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Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Program

"Nathalie's Jet Lag Freedom has finally enabled me to travel long distances comfortably. Because I knew what to do to take care of myself, after 26 hours of international travel from California to Bali, I felt rested, alive, and ready to enjoy my journey with no delay. I've always been a sensitive traveler, and now I can go on my adventures without losing time overcoming jet lag!" ~ Sage Lavine

Sage Lavine
Sage Lavine

"Jet Lag Freedom really performs like the name indicates. I just came back from a trip to Germany to visit my family and I had NO jet lag, it's amazing! I arrived at night and slept through the night, woke up in the morning and was fully in the timezone 9 hours ahead. In all my years of traveling, this has never happened. I was able to enjoy my valuable time with family and friends. I also didn't feel dehydrated on the 11 hour flight. I was able to sleep on both flights and also got right back into the timezone at home in California. I would recommend this regimen to everyone, especially people who have to perform shortly after arriving at their destination. And it's all natural!" ~ Annette Magee, former flight attendant, founder at Alivie, a boutique wellness consulting firm.

Annette Magee
Annette Magee

"Nathalie's Jet Lag Freedom product is amazing! I was totally skeptical at first because jet lag has always been intense and eaten up most of my business and personal travel time. I got on a 9-hour flight from California to Paris with a bad cold. I used Jet Lag Freedom and by the time I landed my cold was gone and I had no jet lag at all - it was such a relief!" ~ Jenn August, C.L.S.C., C.H. 6 Figure Hypnotherapist and Success Coach.

Jenn August
Jenn August

"I bought your program Jet Lag Freedom and used it immediately on my trip from Paris to San Francisco and back last week. It really helped me arrive in good shape to take full advantage of the retreat I was attending. I did as much as possible and I must say the results were and are (I am back in Paris and feel fine) excellent. Thank you Nathalie for this excellent program."

Karen Vago
Karen Vago

"20 grueling hours spent zooming over the earth from Istanbul to San Francisco has always left my face completely and utterly dried out. My nose was the worst -- dry like a lemon lying in the sun for six weeks.

I don't know how many time I would have to climb over my neighbor's seat, find my nasal saline spray, go to the bathroom to spray in private, climb back over my neighbor, and then do it all over again 15 minutes later... because spraying saline spray didn't really work. And then later I would inevitably get sick.

I didn't have time to try every single of Nathalie's techniques in Jet Lag Freedom. But on my last trip from San Francisco to Istanbul, I used my saline spray just once. And no awkward climbing over my neighbor. 😉

Listen to this woman! I would definitely recommend Jet Lag Freedom to deal with whatever punishing symptoms you've been dealing with."

Jaime Miller
Jaime Miller
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100% Satisfaction - 1 year Money Back Guarantee

I believe in this program SO MUCH that I am willing to take all the risk.

Get it now, try it out for an entire year and if you're not 100% satisfied with the results, I'll give you your money back.

No questions asked.


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